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The Windsor & Uxbridge Province
Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffalos
Welcome to the Windsor & Uxbridge Province, Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffalos, Grand Lodge of England. If you happen to be in the area of our province, you will find a warm welcome at all our lodges. Please click the Minor Lodges link and you will be able to find out what time, day & place that they all meet.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Bro. John Syratt K.O.M.
Provincial Grand Secretary

Tel. 07908 266 005
Email. pgl.sec@winnuxpgl.me.uk

PGL & Minor Lodges

Provincial Grand Lodge

Date: 2nd Sat of each month 
Time: 5pm 

Barnhill Community Centre
74 Barnhill Road

Examining Council

Date: 2nd Month of each Quarter 
Time: After PGL 

Barnhill Community Centre
74 Barnhill Road

Knights Chapter
Hayes End Lodge 4467
Enterprise & Brent Valley Lodge 5610
Pride of Ickenham Lodge No. 7013
Flying Mediator Lodge 9720

Absent Brethren

"Spirit of thruth, before we homeward wend, On thee we call:
Assist each to succour and defend Good Brethren all.
From cares and sorrows, Absent Brethren free,
Where’er they roam, in air, on land or sea.
Let thy kind spirit hover round them now, And so enthral:
That they will keep their obligation vow, So say we all.
And when, on us, the ivy leaves descend Grant we may join, 
Thy link, our Brothers Friend.
Absent Brethren a safe and speedy return"

Bro. Bob Bell

"I first met Bob Bell many years ago – as my memory is failing I can’t remember the year - when the Knight’s Chapter met in the Falcon in the High Street. Bob was a fine upstanding figure of a man and served the Chapter well in various offices. He did a particularly good job as the Director of Ceremonies. He followed this as Vice-President of the Chapter then as President.

In those days, the Knight’s Chapter held a Ladies festival Dinner which was organised in part by the Director of Ceremonies. Bro Bob did a sterling job in the organisation of the dinner both as D of C and as President. His speech as President was a superb example of the best speeches – short, to the point with some humour thrown in.

Bob will be sorely missed - Written by Bro. Tony Robinson ROH"

Date Unknown

July 2000

Bro. Dennis Paterson

Brother Aubrey Denzil Ashmore R.O.H.

Aubrey came to our province 15 years ago from the Slough Province and affiliated to the Ickenham, the Enterprise and the Pride of Hillingdon Lodges.
He was raised to the 4th. degree by the Ickenham Lodge, No 7013. His installing officer was Bro. Roger Reed R.O.H. from Whitby who attended the service of thanksgiving for the life of Aubrey.

8th July 1930 ~ 15th March 2010

29th May (Year Unknown)

Brother George Cordery, R.O.H., P.P.G.P.

The last of the true greats of The Windsor, Slough & Uxbridge Province.
Probably the longest and oldest established of our stalwarts having spent more than fifty compliant
years in the Brent Valley Lodge, No. 5610. 
Bro. George passed away at 03.00 hrs On Saturday 29th of May after a very long illness which resulted in his having to be apart from Beryl his Buffess of so many years.

Bro Malcolm John Johnson, R.O.H.

Brother Malcom joined the order on 6th October 1974 in the John Hallewell Lodge, No 7912.
He was raised to the Second Degree on 7th Decemberm 1975, rising to the Third Degree on the 6th April 1979 and the Fourth Degree on 28th July 1984
In 1991 he was elected to the high office of Provincial Grand Primo.
A measure of his popularity, and the esteem he was held in, was the presence of more than 20 Brethren who attended at his funeral, some of them travelling from as far as Brighton and South Wales in the atrocious wintery conditions that prevailed at the time.

16th May 1937 - 20th November 2010

28th May 1942 - 18th December 2010

Bro David Patterson Gray, R.O.H.

Brother Dave Gray will be sorely missed by the Brethren of The Windsor & Uxbridge Province, his services were always on offer in all Minor and Provincial Grand Lodge activities as well as Knights Chapter; indeed Dave and Linda, his partner of more than 30 years, attended every Buff function that The Windsor & Uxbridge Province arranged.
Like all Brethren now in the 'Grand Lodge Above' Brother Dave will be sadly missed by all who knew him. 

Bro Baxter Heath (Snr.), ROH

Bro. Baxter joined the Order in January 1968 in The Enterprise Lodge # 5610 while stationed at R.A.F. Uxbridge.
When he retired in 1988 he moved back to Scotland and joined “The Pride of Leuchars Lodge”  in the Central and East Fife Province where he went on to serve in their PGL. and Knights Chapter.
In 2002, Bro. Baxter lost his beloved wife Joyce and because of his ill health, moved back South to be near his family thus his return to The Enterprise Lodge # 5610.
Sadly Bro. Baxter Heath passed away in the early hours of Wednesday 2nd of March 2011, He has passed to “The Grand Lodge Above”, where he can join the “link” of Brethren he had met in all the Lodges he attended along the way.

29th December 1923 - 2nd March 2011

5th April 1922 - 12th April 2011

Bro. Frank Price, ROH

Another long time member of The Windsor & Uxbridge Province departs from our midst.
Frank was a member of the Boston Lodge and also a member of the, now defunct, Acton Commonwealth Henry Lodge in the West London Province (also defunct).
He was a mild man, small in stature but with a big heart - he will be sorely missed by all those who knew him.

Bro. Peter Whelan C.P.


August 2017

Bro. Baxter Heath (Jnr), ROH

Provincial Grand Lodge Officers

Current Provincial Grand Lodge Officers

PGP Terry Barkley ROH

DPGP John Wreford KOM

IPPGP Dougie Parket ROH

PG Secretary John Syratt KOM

PG Chamberlain Alan Foxall ROH
PG Tyler Barrie Cornes KOM

PG Constable John Walsh ROH

PG Registra John Syratt KOM

PG AJ Barrie Cornes KOM

PG AB Dougie Parker ROH

Prevoiuos Provincial Grand Lodge Officers

Bro. J. Hedley, ROH

Grand Waiter



Bro. T. Butler, ROH

Grand Constable

Bro. S. Langley, ROH

Grand Constable



Bro. L. Warner, ROH

Grand Waiter

Bro. N. Crump, ROH

Grand Chamberlain



Bro. N. Crump, ROH

Grand Primo

Bro. N. Hooker, ROH

Grand Tyler



Bro. J. Walsh, ROH

Grand Alderman of Juniper

Roll of Honour Assembly Presidents

Bro. J. Syratt, ROH



Bro. E. J. Ainslie, ROH

Bro. G. Cordery, ROH



Bro W. Henderson, ROH

Bro. R. Pinnell, ROH



Bro. R. Hodge, ROH

Bro. J. Walsh, ROH



Bro. T. Clark, ROH

Bro. B. Green, ROH



Bro. B. Green, ROH

(Bro. A. Clark, ROH elected President)

Bro. D. Tierney, ROH



Bro. D. de-Wilde Clark, ROH

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